Man Forced To Exhume His Late Parents’ Remains Due To Road Expansion (Photos)


This is not the best of times for a man who was forced to exhume the remains of his late parents in Imo state.

According to reports, the man had to exhume the remains of his late father and mother buried years ago – due to the expansion of a highway by Imo State Government along Wheathral Road in Owerri as he believed that the road expansion may affect their graves..

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The remains were exhumed over night in order to meet up with the deadline given by the authorities.

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Mr. Ugochukwu Ezeji an Owerri indigene wrote:-

“Even the dead cannot rest in peace under Rochas administration. My friend exhumed his parents remains to make way for nonsense road expansion along whethral road. God is watching. Feeling very sad.”


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