Nollywood Actor Mr Ibu Is Dead

Popular Nollywood actor Mr Ibu Is Dead

Another Nollywood Icon, John Okafor, AKA Mr Ibu, Passes Away.

Less than 24 hours after the Nigerian entertainment industry mourned the loss of Quadri Oyebamiji, popularly known as Sisi Quadri, another veteran actor, John Okafor, famously known as Mr Ibu, has tragically passed away. His demise comes as a shock to fans and colleagues alike, marking a significant loss in the realm of Nigerian cinema.

John Okafor, renowned for his comedic prowess and memorable performances, faced numerous health challenges in recent years. These struggles culminated in surgeries that ultimately led to the amputation of his leg. Despite battling these adversities, Okafor’s resilience and talent continued to inspire generations of actors and entertainers.

Speculations regarding Okafor’s well-being had been circulating for some time, fueled by his prolonged absence from the public eye. Rumors about his health status intensified, sparking concerns among fans about his condition. However, Okafor’s health struggles were not new to the public eye.

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In 2019, the actor made headlines when he alleged that some of his domestic workers, under the influence of his kinsmen, attempted to poison him due to jealousy over his successful career. This shocking revelation shed light on the darker side of fame and the challenges faced by public figures.

In a subsequent interview with Vanguard Newspaper, Okafor candidly shared his experiences battling illness and adversity. He revealed details of his medical journey, recounting moments where he felt on the brink of death. However, Okafor expressed gratitude for the intervention of skilled medical professionals who helped him navigate through his health crisis.

Reflecting on his ordeal, Okafor acknowledged the malice of his detractors and the joy they derived from his suffering. Yet, he found solace in his faith and the belief that divine intervention spared his life. His near-death experience served as a profound lesson, prompting him to cherish each moment and appreciate the gift of life.

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The passing of John Okafor leaves a void in the Nigerian entertainment landscape, but his legacy as a comedic genius and beloved actor will endure. His contributions to Nollywood have left an indelible mark, and his absence will be keenly felt by fans and colleagues alike. As the industry mourns his loss, Okafor’s spirit lives on through the countless laughs and memories he shared with audiences worldwide.


  1. What were John Okafor’s most memorable roles?
    • John Okafor, known affectionately as Mr Ibu, captivated audiences with his comedic performances in movies such as “Mr Ibu” and “Mr Ibu in London.” His portrayal of bumbling yet endearing characters endeared him to fans across Nigeria and beyond.
  2. Did John Okafor ever address his health struggles publicly before his passing?
    • Yes, John Okafor openly discussed his health challenges in various interviews. He spoke candidly about his surgeries and the impact they had on his life and career.
  3. How did John Okafor’s allegations of poisoning affect his career and personal life?
    • The allegations of poisoning brought significant attention to John Okafor’s personal life and raised questions about his safety and well-being. While it caused some controversy, Okafor remained steadfast in his claims and continued to pursue his acting career.
  4. What legacy does John Okafor leave behind in Nollywood?
    • John Okafor leaves behind a rich legacy of laughter and entertainment. His unique comedic style and memorable performances endeared him to audiences and solidified his status as one of Nollywood’s most beloved actors.
  5. How will John Okafor be remembered by his fans and colleagues?
    • John Okafor will be remembered fondly for his infectious laughter, boundless energy, and unwavering dedication to his craft. His impact on Nigerian cinema and the lives of those he touched will continue to resonate for years to come.
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