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Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 1 Movie Download Mp4 Video

Arthadal Chronicles (Korean Drama) Season 2 Episode 1 Movie Download

Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramun (아라문의 검: 아스달 연대기) is the newest season of the historical fantasy Kdrama under the same name directed by Kim Kwang-shik. The show brings back the old cast along with many new faces including, Jang Dong-gun, Lee Joon-gi, Shin Sae-kyeong, Kim Ok-bin, Shin Joo-hwan, and Park Hae-joon alongside other cast members.

Arthdal Chronicles season 2 brings us to eight years after Tagon was crowned King and now a much-awaited war is soon to arrive. While Tagon and Eunseom prepare for a battle to bring in a new dynasty, political wars continue behind the scenes as rebellion, bloodshed and revenge await in the dark. Who will become the ruler of Arthdal and what does the new dynasty behold?

The show will have 12 episodes and be broadcast on tvN on the Saturday-Sunday slot at 9:20 PM KST time slot previously occupied by The Uncanny Counter season 2. Arthdal Chronicles season 2 episode 1 has a run time of 77 minutes.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

Arthdal Chronicles The Sword of Aramun episode 1 begins with a recap of season 1 and where the story of Arthdal has come to be. From the birth of the twin brothers Eunseom and Saya to the separation, growth and later the attack on the Wahan tribe and Iark. The recap also brings about the legend of the Heavenly Objects that will end the world; the objects that will be in the hands of Tanya (star-shaped bell), Eunseom (sword) and Saya (mirror).

The recap then brings us to Tanya’s rise as the high priestess, Eunseom becoming the leader of the East as their Inaishingi, and Saya becoming the military commander of Tagon’s forces. While the end of the world rests in the hands of these three, they are unaware of the changes that they will bring when they one day meet.

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With this, we are told what happened after Tagin became the King and declared to capture the East and grow his power once again. As Tagon’s forces made their move to capture the East, they were blocked by the tribes on the way which gave his army a hard time for months together.

It was only when Tagon himself stepped into the battlefield that these forces crumbled before the Arthdal forces and faced a big loss. Now, only the Bato tribe and the Agon Union on the banks of the Notsan River lay in the middle of Tagon’s conquest of the East. However, these two are not easy to capture, especially when their Inaishingi (Eunseom) leads the troop.

Somewhere far away, children who grew up seeing the wars sing a song which praises Inaishingi. While the commander of the Arthdal army following him is dumbstruck by their fearlessness, Syoreujakin tells him of how Inaishingi’s tales are spread all across this land which is why they sing these songs.

However, the two are now in the midst of following a plan that is sure to help them capture the Inaishingi. While it is still unknown what this man looks like or what his real name is, they are sure to end his tale with the plan that Saya has come up with.

Later, Inaishingi arrives with a mask at the Bato tribe with his men in response to his invitation and for negotiations, while Saya is ready to put his plan into action. The Bato tribe leader speaks of joining forces with the Ago clan, following which the two leaders raise their cups in rejoicing. Right then, Syoreujakin stops them and reveals the real Inaishingi who is hidden in the Ago crowd. It is none other than Eunseom who has once saved his ungrateful life only to now see him taking part in such scheming while portraying himself as a merchant.

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With this, the tension in the room reaches its peak as swords are drawn out a young Bato tribesman points his sword at Eunseom’s throat while another sword is pointed at his throat. Eunseom sees his fear of being killed surpassing his desire to kill the Inaishingi, so he provokes him and soon has him killed.

Fear breaks out among the other Bato tribe members and soon the killings begin following which the Bato tribe chief is taken hostage and a surprise attack is launched on the warriors standing outside. However, seeing the tribe chief being held hostage, the tribesman standing next to Saya orders for the attacks to stop.


Seeing this, Saya lures him with the desire to become the next chief when an arrow is shot from a distance and chaos breaks again. Amidst this, the tribe chief escapes while Saya observes the Ago warriors and finds out who the Inaishingi is, thus, commanding everyone to attack him.

Eunseom fights them bravely and finally sets his eyes on Saya, however, another soldier follows him and has him lose his mask. Upon killing him, Eunseom turns around and Saya sees a face that is similar to his own. Eunseom then walks towards him but is interrupted by another Ago warrior who tells him that they need to leave.

Saya is saved, however, he is surprised to know that the Inaishingi is none other than his twin brother Eunseom. Meanwhile, the Ago warriors are chased by the Arthdal soldiers all the way to the banks of the Notsan River when Eunseom shoots a whistling arrow and their backup soldiers arrive and begin chasing the soldiers.

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However, Saya sees the bigger picture and understands that the Ago warriors are actually rushing to Hanchu City. Elsewhere, Tagon returns to Arthdal with a victory and slaves for the people. As the people of Arthdal rejoice in his return, Tagon asks where the queen is.

Taealha is seen spending a leisurely time with her son Arok when they are interrupted by two men who claim to be craftsmen from a nearby tribe. However, they soon show their true colours when they make an attack on Arok who is saved by Taealha, who then makes Arok kill the assassin.

Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Episode 1 Review

Tagon is told about this assassination attempt and doesn’t fret too much after finding out that the two are safe. He then gives orders to the commanders to train the troops and be prepared for war whenever needed. The commanders salute him and this is when Tagon sees the bracelets on the wrists of the commanders which makes him question Mubaek.

Mubaek tells him that these have been given by the Grand Temple and are worn by the commanders who are anxious due to the impending war. At the Grand Temple, Tanya’s influence on the people and soldiers is astonishing as they come to her with a wish to seek blessings and relief from their pains.

Tanya takes care of them with gentleness which only increases their faith in her while her own psychic powers have gone through astonishing changes. Meanwhile, Mubaek asks his trusted aide to take care of Tanya in his absence and he tells Mubaek that his life was given by Tanya and he will make sure to protect her.

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