(18+ ONLY) Here Is The Reason Why Adult Movies Are Called Blue Film

While many of us might not have openly acknowledged the existence of adult films, we have time and again referred to it as “blue films”.

While the use of the term over the years has become common and we know exactly what it means, what majority of us don’t know is why is it called so.

Though there are several theories as to why we refer to these movies as “blue” movies and not red or any other colour, here are few of those explanations which seem much more valid than others.

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1. It is believed that in the starting days adult films were very hard to make and always struggled to find financing.

These financial budgets were practically non-existent and film producers used to be very secretive about making such movies.

They thus created these movies at a very low-cost and quickly so as not to spend too much time on it. The low-cost films thus used for these movies used to give it a bluish colour tint coining the name “blue movie”.

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2. It is also said that in the hay days shopkeepers who used to sell these adult VCR cassettes wrapped in a blue colored package and they thus came to be known as ‘Blue films’.

3. While the above two reasons seem to come from the audience point of view, it is also said that the “Blue Film” terminology refers to a cinematic production which worked contradictory to the standard moral code in the movie industry.

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To be more precise it basically meant that it was a spin-off of the “blue laws” that were followed in the States nearly 50-60 years back.

These blue laws didn’t allow businesses to operate on Sundays and these laws particularly targeted alcohol businesses, grocery stores, and few other commercial activities.

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