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DOWNLOAD: Germany 1-2 Japan All Goals Highlights

Germany 1-2 Japan LIVE STREAM, FIFA World Cup: Asano, Doan score in quick succession as Japan takes the lead

GER 1-2 JPN LIVE, FIFA World Cup: Asano, Doan score as Japan upsets Germany

TAKUMA ASANOO!!!! YET ANOTHERANOTHER SUPER SUB. WHAT A RUN, WHAT A FINIISH. Asano came in with a brilliant run on the right, goes close to Neur and makes no mistake to find the back of the net!!
Did you know?

Germany has seven goals (excluding this match) in two encounters against Japan and all the seven came in the second half. History favoouringfavoouring the Germans but Japan has the firepower to cause an upset

SUPER SUB DOAN DOES IT. It was the other substitute Minamino who took the shot, Neur saves it but Doan is there to find the net on the rebound!!

Sakai OUT, Minamino IN

71’ Substitution for Germany

Tanaka OUT, Doan IN


GONDAA!!! He puts in two brilliant saves to deny Gnabry. Musiala it is yet again with the pass. Corner for Germany but it doesn’t test the Japanese defense


Japan continues to threaten as Sakai on the right came in with a brilliant run to find Asano inside the bo but the latter is marked by Rudiger. So the ball is put out of danger

67’ Substitutions for Germany

Gundogan OUT, Goretzka IN; Muller OUT, Hofmann IN


Japan finally has something to cheer about. The Japanese players have been in possession of the ball for quite a while now. And Asano yet again attempts a shot but Neur punches it out for a corner.


Asano attempted to make immediate impact. He runs through the right flank but Rudiger averts danger with his trademark run.


Musiala is brought down by Itakura and he is let off the leash with just a warning. Free-kick for Germany but nothing comes off it


GUNDOGAN!! SO CLOSE!! He shoots but the ball rattles the post. The Manchester City midfielder has been so good siince the start of the game and he deserved this goal.


Musiala yet again. Exploiting the defense on the left but is finally marked. He then passes to Raum and he in turn crosses but Gonda is there to save it

57’ Substitutions for Japan

Nagamoto OUT, Mitoma IN ; Maeda OUT, Asano IN


Germany is in absolute control of the ball this half. Raum makes a brilliant run way back from the German half and puts in a through ball hoping to find Havertz but it is too fast for the Chelsea forward. Gonda deflects it and the ball goes to Kimmich, he puts in a pass but it is cleared.


Jamal Musiala!! Would’ve been an outstanding goal if it was on target. From the left he maneuvers past the Japan defense and shoots but the ball brushes past the crossbar. Musiala making heads turn!


What a run from Ito there. He moves past three defenders but loses possession. Kamada is there to shoot but it is deflected for a corner. A searching ball but nothing comes off it though


Muller does well on the right with a good run to eventually find Gnabry but the latter squanders. He had options but he attempted to finish it but the ball goes wide

45’ Substitution for Japan

Kubo OUT, Tomiyasu IN

Second-half underway!

Kamada starts the play as Japan hunts for an equaliser. Germany meanwhile, will look to maintain the momentum

Germany voices out

German players covered their mouths during their team photo prior to their Group E game against Japan, in order to mark their protest on their captain, Manuel Neuer, being denied permission to wear the ‘OneLove’ armband for the Qatar World Cup.

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An electric first half come to an end. Japan was dominating from the start but has been slacking after conceding the penalty. Hansi Flick meanwhile will be impressed by his team’s performance towards the end of this half. Will Gundogan’s penalty be enough for Germany to sail through or will the Havertz offside goal prove costly for the World Cup giant?


OFFSIDE!! Kai Havertz finds the back of the net and it is given. But the referee points towards the VAR monitor after Japan players protest. The VAR indeed shows that Havertz was offside and the goal is cancelled out


Japan is in a position that no other team desires. It is yet to hit a shot on target and it is almost the end of first half


Four added minutes – if you’re wondering why so much injury time is added in Qatar WC? – here is why


Sule links up to Kimmich who then finds Musiala and the Munich man attempts an atrocious shot and it goes well off the target


Germany is peaking right at the end of first half. A long ball from Kimmich comes in and Musiala on the right collects it. He puts in a cross to change the line of play but the Japanese defense steps up


Japan looks constantly troubled. Muller from the left picks Kimmich right outside the box and the latter lets one fly. Although it is off the mark, these are worrying signs for Moriyasu’s side as their defense is getting tested regularly


Looks like that goal has taken a toll on Japan players and the German attack exploits it. Kimmich finds Havertz on the right and the Chelsea player puts in a cross but it’s intercepted. Some breathing space for Japan


Corner for Japan and Kamada takes it. His long ball finds no one and the ball is cleared easily

GUNDOGAN HELPS GERMANY TAKE THE LEAD AS HE CONVERTS THE PENALTY. Cool as a cucumber. Gonda dives to his left but the ball goals too straight.

PENALTY FOR GERMANY!!! Sloppy work from Gonda. Kimmich from the right put in an inch perfect through ball to find Raumm, the latter turns and is dragged down by Gonda.

Did you know?

Germany and Japan are meeting for the first time at the FIFA World Cup. Germany is unbeaten in its two previous encounters with Japan (W1 D1), both friendly internationals in 2004 (3-0) and 2006 (2-2).


Gnabry-Gundogan leads to a dangerous German attack. Gnabry finds Gundogan in the middle and the latter wastes no time and shoots but it is too straightforward and Gonda grabs it.


Gundogan initiates the German attack as he puts in a nutmeg to find Gnabry who then moves forward and finds Havertz deep inside the box. A tackle comes in to stop the attack. Referee points towards VAR for a possible handball but the visuals show otherwise


Corner for Japan and Kamada takes it. He puts in a low ball to find Yoshida who in turn dishes out a cross but nothing comes off it


Brilliant save from Gonda as he stops a bullet from Kimmich who let it fly outside the box. Gundogan tries to finish on the rebound but is called offside.


Free-kick for Germany as Muller is brought down by Kubo. Kimmich takes it immediately and picks Gundogan who puts in a good high ball. Gnabry tries to get control of it and even gets it but there is no one to collect his pass and the danger is averted.


Corner for Germany and Kimmich takes it. Beautiful delivery from the Bayern Munich man and Rudiger receives it perfectly. The latter tries a header but it falls just wide. Germany getting some much needed boost


Sakai is down in agony as a collison with Raum caused some discomfort to him. He’s quickly back on his feet


A battle for possession in the middle as the teams lose the ball constantly. Japan currently has the upper-hand as they have been in control of the ball for a few minutes now.

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Attack brewing on the right from Japan as Ito initiates it. He tries to find Kamada but is intercepted by Kimmich


OFFSIDEE!!! What could have been! Maeda it is yet again, makes a brilliant run and gets the ball perfectly but is caught offside. The through ball came from Tanaka. Japan in control of the game now


Sule gets a throw in, he attempts one but it is cut half way through as Muller fails to get to the ball. That means a counter attack from Japan is on but nothing comes off it as Rudiger-Neur combo saves it.


Rudiger being Rudiger here. Maeda attempts to dribble past the Real Madrid player but is stopped in his tracks. Cleanly cut by Rudiger


Germany has hit the gas pedal right from the get go. It looks threatening deep inside the Japanese half but in the end gets disposessed.


Germany starts the proceedings, Musiala will be the player to watch out for. The 19-year old has had an excellent season thus far in the Bundesliga.

The stage is set

As we speak, the players have made their way into the middle and have lined up for the national anthems. First comes Germany’s anthem followed by Japan.

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Just under 10 minutes for the kick-off. Will the four-time champion cruise through or will we witness yet another upset? Japan under Hajime Moriyasu has been in incredible form for quite a while now. A mouth-watering clash awaits!

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