5 Biggest Mistakes Woman Make During Sex

5 Biggest mistakes women make during sex

There are so many ways to explore and express intimacy. Sexual intimacy and satisfying sex life are important aspects of a romantic relationship.

However, there are 5 mistakes that women make a lot when it comes to sex.

1. Not telling your partner about your likes and dislikes: You need to always express what you like or dislike in bed. Even if you have told your partner once or twice, there is no harm in repeating it.

2. No initiation: Being shy is sweet but when it comes to sex, men love it if the woman initiates it. Drop hints, kiss him or simply tell him you want to do it, depending on your camaraderie.


3. Being too coy in bed: Being coy is boring. Be wild, embrace yourself because even men love that side in their women, at least when it comes to sex. Touch your self, touch him, explore, go for it.

4. Overthinking your body flaws: Men who really want to do it, do not care about what you think is your body’s flaws. All you need is just confidence.

5. Are you doing it right?: Overthinking about doing it right isn’t good, because no one is a pro. Just go with the flow.

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