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Specimen A – Feeding trough
Specimen B – Burdizzo (real/picture/diagram)
Specimen C – Neck/collar tag
Specimen D – Spanner
Specimen E – Kerosine lamp
Specimen F – Inorganic fertilizer (superphosphate) (labelled)
Specimen G – Compost (labelled)
Specimen H – Farmyard manure (labelled)
Specimen I – Groundnut seeds (unshelled)
Specimen J – Cotton lint
Specimen K – Oil palm fruit
Specimen L – Rubber latex (labelled)
Specimen M – Crop (Poultry)
Specimen N – Gizzard (longitudinal section with its contents)
Specimen O – Rumen
Specimen P – Small intestine
Specimen Q – Liver


Agricultural 2 (Essay)
09:30am – 11:30pm

Agricultural 1 (Objective)
11:30am – 12:30pm

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PROOF OF WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2021

Below is a proof of WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Answers 2021


-Pour the raw milk into a steel pot
-slowly heat the milk to about 63°c and maintain it for about 30 minutes
-remove the pot and place it in a bowl filled with ice water. Stir until the temperature drops
-stor in a refrigerator.

(i)Vitamin D

(i)Tightening of the skin
(ii)Loss of weight
(iii)Low production of milk

(i)Specimen H: Centrosema pubescens
(ii)Specimen I: Pennisetum purpureum Schumach
(iii)Specimen J: Pueraria phaseoloides

(i)Specimen H: is propagated by seed
(ii)Specimen I: is propagated vegetatively through stem cuttings
(iii)Specimen J: is propagated by seeds

(i) It is vigorous and aggressive growing legume
(ii)It is creeping and twining plants
(iii)it is palatable and highly nutritious to ruminants
(iv)It is leafy and perennial
(v)It is shade-tolerant and drought resistant legumes
(vi)steam and leaves are hairless
(vii)It is highly modulated and does well in combination with Guinea grass

(i)It is used for traditional animal feed,
(ii)It is used for pest management
(iii)It is used for improving soil fertility
(iv)It is used for protecting arid land from soil.

(i)It is Expensive
(ii)Fertilizer is corrosive to touch
(iii)Vegetative growth in plants is stimulated thereby reducing erosion
(iv)It is readily soluble in water thus are rapidly absorbed by plants
(v)Application requires special guidelines
(vi)Does not add humus

(I)It is Cheap
(ii)It is mild to touch
(iii)Certain diseases can be transmitted to plants
(iv)Manure is not readily soluble in water thus it is absorbed by plants slowly
(v)Application does not require any special guidline
(vi)Adds humus to soil.


(i)Ammonium Nitrate
(ii)Ammonium Sulphate
(iii)Sodium Nitrate

(i)Excessive use causes plant death
(ii)It needs to be used in advances as it takes time to come into effect
(iii)It causes acidity
(iv)Mixing and preparation can lead to pollution
(v)It is Expensive to buy

Shears are an enlarged pair of scissors or scissors-like in shape. They possess two long metal blades and two handles which may be wooden,metal,rubber or plastic . The bladder are sharpened 

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