On Christmas day, Robbie Malinga gave up his ghost and this was a very big blow to the South African Music Industry.

1. He Used To Be A Keyboardist Before Going Into Singing

The talented singer was formerly a musician who played for the musician of Zumba, Freddie Gwala of Amadamara fame and the group platform 1.  He moved on with his career and performed with many artistes before moving on to do his own thing. He later dropped his hit track  – Insimbi and this is the song that introduced him as a star to the country. Robbie got bigger after he worked  with Doc Shebeleza to form RoboDoC in 1999, producing mega hits like Ebumnandini and Skumfete. From here, he became a household name

2. He Influenced Many Musicians

He is a big influence to the careers of many artistes in the country. Robbie has a special magic touch that has been the force being many successful careers in the country.

What a devastating loss. We can never tell the South African music story without giving him a prominent mention. “…This was one of the best this country has ever produced. A lot of musicians owe their successes to his magic touch as a producer, composer, arranger and vocalist. He was one of the most sought-after hitmakers in this country,” said Sibisi.

This is one of the major reasons why he will be greatly missed.

3. He Switched From Kwaito To Afro Music

He used to do Kwaito music genre in he early stages of his career before moving  to Afro Music. His reason for moving to Afro was to broaden his musical insight.

“As a music producer, you need to grow and get to produce the quality of music that will be loved by music fans. I felt that I would do much better as an Afro-pop and soul producer.”He said


4. His Not Signing Nathi Mankayi Was One Of His Biggest Career Regrets

He once had the opportunity to sign Nathi Mankayi but he did not and he regretted this action that he took. In an  interview with DJ Fresh, he once said;

“I regret not having signed Nathi,” he said. “Nomvula is the only song that when I hear on the radio, I regret not having signed him,” added Robbie.


5. The  Death Of  A Legend

Robbie was confirmed dead on the 25th of this month and his death came as a big shock to many people across SA and beyond. Before his death, many rumors have been spreading about it and some of these false rumors where just meant to destroy his image.

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of such a talented artist. This is indeed a huge loss for South Africa and the music industry as a whole. We are with his family in thought and prayer during this trying period. May his soul rest in peace,” said the President.

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