I was shocked when I saw this Glo Mega Data Plans of 1TB for the duration of 1 year and at a whooping price of N100,000. How on earth would common people go for such price of a data plan, and my question is what is Glo Nigeria up to.

The fact remains that the Glo Mega Data Plans are high-end plans for customers who have the need for higher data benefits with higher validity. Meaning this is for customers who need higher data with longer validity.


See below justification for the Glo Mega Data Plans and for whom the plan is meant for. Meanwhile, on this page, I will recap some of the cheap Glo Data plans and Free data tweak by the end of this write-up.

Glo 1TB Mega Data Plan for Heavy Data Users

Data plan

The new proposed Glo Mega data plans starts from just N30,000 and goes all the way to N100,000 only. The Mega Data did not come with night data bonus. However, the validity of N60,000 and N75,000 will be 120 days and the validity of N100,000 will be for 1 year.

The table below explains the Glo Mega Data

Plan Price (N) Validity Glo Mega Plan
30,000 30 days 225GB
36,000 30 days 300GB
50,000 90 days 425GB
60,000 120 days 525GB
75,000 120 days 675GB
100,000 1 year 1TB

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