Big brother on Sunday morning asked two controversial housemates, Ike and Omatshola to pack their bags for breaking rules of the house.

Also, Avala, Gedoni, Kafhi and Isilomo have been asked to pack their bags and keep in the store room ahead of tonight’s eviction show.

The Big Brother Naija house was in disarray last night after the Saturday night party.
It was the first party for the housemates who are barely one week in the house.

It all started when some of the housemates came back from the party to only discover their coins were missing.

Omatsola threatened housemates on Saturday night after his 100 coins were no longer in the bible where he kept them.

Ike also noticed that his coins were missing, and threaten fire and brimstone.

Recall that Biggie had announced on Friday that the housemate with the least number of coins would leave the house during the first eviction show on Sunday.

But see how Nigerians are reacting to the issue


Big brother should not do anything bad oo… what is the meaning of pepper dem if you send ike and omashola go house??.. its beginning to get boring I swear. If ike or shola should go home today, I’ll jus change my channel to sound city 😏😏😏😏😏

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They better not try that rubbish they tried with K Brule on Ike and Omashola o, Biggie don’t kill this game. Give them a warning and let viewers do the rest. Those 2 are my favorites already. I don’t have time for these other Ajebutters

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#BBNAIJA Anambra Goddess💎 (LAURA)@ThisIsTyni

Ike and Omashola talking over the coin ish like real men.. I’m happy at their level of maturity, they both understand they need the money and shouldn’t have lashed out like that last night. Ike apologied too. I love these men!!

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Slay Papa 🍒🍷@TweetAtAustin

But we all know Ike and Omashola are not going anywhere yet. So, why are we pretending?

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