How To Get Free Data Dents App

Most Nigerians believe that everything that appear easy is a lie, well its not always true.
Dent App has been ON ever since April last year but few people knows about it. This is a very legit App that gives users all around the globe free data.
Dent App has been giving people free Data for a long period of time, you can always get more data if you use dent App, when you are using Dent App getting data is unlimited no matter the network.

Download the App HERE or HERE

Use chrome browser it will direct you to play store, download the app.
Make sure you come back to my blog after download to get 599 dents else you won’t get up to that.
After downloading, Come back to my blog and click HERE, it will take you to a JOIN NOWpage, click on it then register. Make sure you are registering with a new SIM that is a SIM that’s never been used to register for Dent App before, and make sure the SIM is inside the phone where the Dent App is.

Register with your details
Fake or real, it doesn’t matter.

When you get to a page where  LET’S GO IS DISPLAYED, wait for 2secs before you click on it

After you click on it, you will be logged in, immediately, click on INVITE NOW wait for about 1min then go back and click on INVITE NOW Again (with speed) and wait for 10secs.

Then check your right top corner, you will see 900+ dents

When you invite a friend you get 999 dents

Go back and scroll down, you will see different Mb and their prices.
Note: You can only buy the ones with NG tagged on it.

That is

Airtel — 350mb
And the dent price

Glo — 262mb
And the dent price

9mobile — 150mb
And the dent price

MTN —  750 mb
And the dent price


So, you can decide to buy any of the Mb

And you can continue to buy as long as you have dents

When you click on the Airtel 350mb or any other network, you will be asked to provide the number you want to send the Mb to, do that and follow the instructions, It is also applicable to other network

So, after purchase, if you wish to get more Dents, copy your INVITE LINK and tell your friends to join through your INVITE LINK

For every friend that download the App with your Link and Registers with your Link you get 599 dent

Note, you can use your phone to register many numbers under your INVITE LINK

This is what you will do,

Copy your INVITE link, logout from your account then post your INVITE link on WhatsApp and click on it, immediately you click on it, it will take you to the App’s JOIN NOW  page, so click on it and register with any details and any gmail account then do same process, wait for 2secs in the LET’s GO PAGE Before you click on it and click on INVITE NOW immediately, wait for 1min before you go back and click on INVITE NOW immediately, to get dents in that account.

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