2019 Presidency: Fr. Mbaka Prophecies Winner, Attacks Buhari, Atiku

Catholic’s Most Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka has sought the two noteworthy presidential hopefuls, Atiku and Buhari.

As indicated by the cleric, while President Muhammadu Buhari is “change,” previous Vice President Atiku Abubakar is “department de change.”

Mbaka depicted Atiku as agency de change, as indicated by him, as a result of the remote monetary standards that supposedly traded hands at the National Convention of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, before the ex-VP rose the gathering’s presidential candidate.Father-Ejike-Mbaka

Mbaka, in any case, anticipated that Atiku will crush Buhari in 2019 yet cautioned him not to copy Buhari on the off chance that he is chosen the president.

The blunt questionable pastor, said this while tending to his assembly at the Adoration Ground.

“So let the desire of God be done in Nigeria. It resembles what I have been stating Buhari change or you will be changed”

Mbaka said that Buhari had all the human and material assets available to him to improve the nation but instead played ethnic, tyrannical legislative issues.

“What will it take you; change the Chief of Staff, change B, change C, change this and change that; regardless of whether it will take 20 Igbo men or 20 Yoruba men to change Nigeria; take every one of them. Take a gander at what (Chukwuma) Soludo did in the Central Bank; he has guaranteed Nigeria and the entire world that there is not at all like bank crumple once more.

“An Igbo man did this, for what reason can’t Buhari take Soludo for the monetary recovery and patching up of Nigeria’s economy? Furthermore, you are occupied with discussing defilement, playing diversion with the lives of Nigerians from the issue of Fulani herders to Boko Haram to Jos killings. You said someone stole, what did he take?

“Sometime in the not so distant future, they said the legislature has burned through trillions of naira on social venture plan and I need to know who are the general population they were spending the cash on; the Vice President said they are offering N10,000 to little scale organizations and I asked, is this how they will change Nigeria? You give someone N10,000 for business, what sort of business will N10,000 begin?

“Someone will have billions and need to take the one having a place with general society while craving will murder his kin. Take a gander at the sort of cash they shared amid the primaries to the degree that they brought Bureau de Change. They said Buhari is changing, yet Atiku is authority de change. They were sharing the cash in dollars and it was going out in a large number of dollars in Nigeria where hunger is murdering individuals; where you don’t have nourishment to eat.

“In the event that they spend such monies to get ticket, how would you imagine that when they get into influence they will administer, obviously, they will initially recoup the cash they have spent yet the most exceedingly awful is that the cash was not being shared to poor people,” he mourned.

Talking further, the prophet depicted the expense of APC Expression of Interest and Nomination shapes as over the top.

As per him, if the authority of the gathering had a soul, they would not have gathered N24 million from individuals to get the structures.

“There are a few people that sold their property to pay for this shape in view of the guarantee they were made. I don’t think these government officials were considering paradise that is the reason they are prepared to execute anyone that stands on their way,” he said.

Mbaka said that Atiku will most likely be unable to tackle the issues of Nigeria on the off chance that he rose successfully.

“On the off chance that anyone is imagining that if Atiku turns into the President of Nigeria things will show signs of improvement, ‘who conceived you’ on the grounds that for this nation to be great it is simpler for a camel to go through the opening of a needle than this nation to be great,” he stated, encouraging that Nigerians must do their part to make Nigeria the country of their fantasy.

The red hot evangelist anticipated thrashing for the APC yet said that there was as yet an open door for change.

“There are no individuals that will build up this nation that isn’t in Nigeria. We have individuals who will build up this country, however our President left a similar sort of individuals who don’t have a similar kind of vision around him and all that they do is in your mind.

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