Update on MTN 0.0KB Cheat: Another Config File for Spark VPN and KPNTunnel Rev

Howdy fams? I’m back again with yet another updated Config file for MTN 0.0kb free browsing cheat on KPNTunnel Revolution and Spark VPN. Probably, the previous settings and files I shared has expired, but these new ones are 100% working and fast.

The requirements still remains the same:
-> Make sure your data and airtime balance is empty.
-> If you’re in MTN mPulse tariff plan, please migrate back to the normal pulse plan.
-> Download your preferred VPN app below.

Download KPNTunnel Rev App
KPNTunnel apk download

Download Spark VPN App
Spark VPN apk download

KPNTunnel Rev Settings and Config File (MTN 0.0KB Cheat)

Download updated KPN Rev Config file for this MTN 0.0kb cheat.

After installing KPNTunnel, download the MTN 0.0KB Config File.KTR here. Now open the KPNTunnel Rev app and use the following setup:

Click on the Settings Icon (it is the middle icon found at the top right corner of the app)
Now tick the SSh tunnel box and go back to the main page.

Click the (third) Menu icon at the top-right corner of the app >> tap Config Options >> tap Import.

Locate the folder where you saved the Config file you earlier downloaded and tap on it to import.

That’s all! Simply hit the START button to connect and start browsing and downloading for free.

Spark VPN Settings and Config File (MTN 0.0KB Cheat)

Download updated Spark VPN Config file for this MTN 0.0kb cheat.

Download the Spark Config File for MTN 0.0KB. Launch the Spark VPN app you earlier downloaded, then locate the Config file and tap on it to import.

Once you’ve done this, just tap on the START button and turn on your data to start browsing hard! Don’t forget it is capped at 1GB data daily. To used more gigabytes, simply use another SIM card.

That’s all TechpAddicts! Kindly share this post and comment down below the VPN you like to use most! Enjoy.

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