Watch Tory Lanez Almost Get Into A Fight In London

Tory Lanez nearly got into a fight with a man outside of a London nightclub.


“Don’t let your man guard you,” Tory told the guy.

“Come over the fence,” the man replied.

“Me and you, we’ll just go into a room and me and you will handle it,” Tory shot back. “Just me and you.”

“100 percent. We can do that,” the guy said in return.

The unknown man then tried to make his way into the club but was stopped before he could get close to the door.

The guy was then chased by Tory and others, and the Canadian singer called him a “pu$$y” as well as a “B!tch.”

This isn’t the first time the 26-year-old was seen getting into a heated confrontation on video.

Earlier this year, a clip surfaced that showed him almost getting into a fight with Travis Scott.

Do you think Tory can really fight, or is he just a tough talker?

By wise

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