Meet Oil Magnate, Sholaye Jeremi, Who Allegedly is the Father of Linda Ikeji’s Son

Yesterday, Linda Ikeji finally shared the full name of her newborn son, and it wasn’t long before folks pieced the puzzle together and now allege that the father of her son is the Itsekiri billionaire oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi, who had been previously linked with the blogger.

“Going home with my prince. Beginning of the best years of my life! His name is Jayce by the way, Jayce Jeremi. Will share pictures soon,” said Ikeji on her Instagram, stirring heated reactions among fans.

It is worthy to mention that, although she never mentions his name, she had always noted that her mystery partner is Itsekiri.

Now, the pieces have fallen in place and folks are sending her warm greetings.

But before she confirms their relationship, here are a few things to know about Sholaye Jeremi, according to Information Nigeria:

  • He is Itsekiri from Delta State
  • He is a billionaire oil magnate
  • Sholaye Jeremi is an associate of the current Minister of State for Petroleum Ibe Kachikwu
  • He lives in Ikoyi, Lagos. (Same as Linda Ikeji)
  • Linda’s son Jayce might not Sholaye Jeremi’s first child as he is alleged to have another family outside Nigeria

Meanwhile, check out Ikeji’s latest photo with her son:

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