There’s video to back up Katt Williams story about the husband of a radio DJ charging at him with a gun and we just got it.

It all went down Saturday night outside the Atlanta Comedy Theater, where Wanda Smith of V-103’s ‘Frank and Wanda’ was hosting. The video startswith Katt fuming in the parking lot while rocking a Deion Sanders jersey and gold chains — he even confronts the guy recording him.

You’ll recall … Katt said he got into it with Wanda’s husband, Lamorris Sellers, who was pissed Katt roasted the hell out of Wanda on the radio. There was a ton of jawing back and forth until Lamorris and a friend gave chase. Katt initially said Lamorris pointed a gun in his face — and in this video you can see a gun in Lamorris’ hand as Katt bolted into a grocery store.

The view of their face-to-face confrontation is blocked in the video, so it’s hard to tell if Lamorris really did point the gun. He told cops he only dropped it while chasing Katt, but never pulled the weapon on him.

Wanda addressed the incident on her show Monday, but wouldn’t confirm or deny her husband pulling a gun, citing legal reasons. She did claim, however, that Katt started dissing her right away at the comedy club … which is what started the drama in the first place.

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