When Nicki was off from social media, there were stories every other day about what she could be up to, with theories ranging from her being busy on with new album to her expecting a baby.

When Nicki came back to social media, there has been an even bigger conversation every day. In her revealing interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music this Friday, Nicki threw Quavo under the bus, revealing how she was disappointed that the Migos member did not back her up in the ‘Motorsport’ controversy. But the script changed very quickly it seems.

After the Barbz started “canceling” Quavo and flooding the comment section of his Instagram, Nicki went on Twitter to tell her fans to relax as she had decided to forgive him after his apology. “The Generous Queen FORGIVES,” Nicki wrote. She also posted a video of her in the studio with him as the new single ‘Chun-Li‘ played in the background.

But that’s not enough. To everyone’s surprise, Nicki and Quavo made a quiet appearance at Coachella last night and were caught on camera as they walked out together from near one of the stages (it looks like The Weeknd’s set). The two were also spotted at a social gathering later at night, as you can see below in the two clips. So are these two a thing now?

Last night, Nicki Minaj released the official video for ‘Chun-Li’ which you can watch here.

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