Music Mp3 Download: Nicki Minaj – Half Back(Cardi B Diss)

Download: Nicki Minaj – Half Back(Cardi B Diss); Last year, Nicki Minaj denied having personal issues (beef) with Cardi B after they both appeared on Migos Motorspot song, prior to the song Motorspot Cardi B had already come out in a 21 second video to claim that she is the best in the industry, many believed the video was because of Nicki Minaj.

In this song Half Back Nicki Minaj took a direct shot at Cardi B “I run the point, you bitches just go cheer,” Put my crown on again, and I’ma knock it off, Anything with Nicki on, they gonna pocket off, I mean profit off, my plug drop it off, You see them copying my hair, tell ’em “chop it off”


Download: Nicki Minaj – Half Back(Cardi B Diss

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