Did you watch day 15 of the Big Brother Naija 3 reality show?
If you missed it, we’ve got the highlights for you!

One, Two… Out The Door

The Housemates’ gardens weren’t as rosy as they’d been during the past two weeks; they were all literally infested with the termites of fear and weeds of regret. Some wished they’d opted for a game of chess instead of little ol’ candy crush, Anto had a point it seems.
Snacking on the Tension
Although the Housemates are pretty good at brushing things like loss off, the thought of leaving the House glories behind and dragging themselves to the real world scared the pants of all of them , except pair royale of course. There was so much tension and clenched muscles that a knife could be used to slice it and have it served as a snack. Although the Housemates went on melodically while preparing their bags for their possible departure, their spirits weren’t completely shattered. Yet again, Ahneeka showed her ‘ I don’t tolerate this ’ side when Angel apologised for jokingly calling her Acneeka, referring to the very condition she’s mentioned was the worst thing that could have happened at this point in her media career. Between us on the outside, Angel pressed the wrong button.

Goodbye Diaries

Biggie decided to put pepper on an open wound by making the Fake Eviction process as real as possible. The Housemates had their ‘final’ diary session before their fate could be announced. They all revealed just how grateful they were for the opportunity and felt they had much to offer; as if the first two weeks weren’t enough for them to put on their winning armors instead of behaving like tourists. Khloe seemed to be the most affected by the potential eventualities but didn’t fail to mention just how much the other Housemates would miss her because she’s “fun”. We ponder o!
You’re Staying, Now Qualify
The Live show was an absolute emotion wringer as they all literally hung by a thread but when they found out it was a Non-Eviction week, we could literally hear a pin drop and for a moment, there seemed to be an air of new found energy; but little did we know that they’d go on and break yet another rule. After shedding a few tears and celebrating the extension of their ‘vacation’, the Housemates were summoned to their Arena for the HoH qualifiers. From the ladies, Ifu Ennada, BamBam and Khloe managed to qualify while it was pouring luckless drops on the guys because they were all disqualified; again, due to their disregard for Biggie’s rules.

The show must certainly go on but do you think the Fake Evictions were enough a quake to scare them out of comfort? Time is the master o.
The Balls are Rolling
The Live Show certainly shook the Housemates, almost reshuffling their overall attitudes towards the game and somehow making them less relaxed. We even saw the likes of Teddy A shedding tears.

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Getting Into Formation

The current gained momentum and hit the shore hard when Cee-C failed to make it through to the HoH qualifiers and the guys failing to the point of no return. Resulting in the total removal of Cebi from power, something the other HMs would low-key offer burnt offering for. It’s clear that they were just no for this leadership.

The Diary room declarations and the Live Show after math proved to have been catalyst to strategic talk and the revelations of nicely hidden claws. Much was revealed when Miracle and Nina were gisting about their position in the House, talking about how much they hated ‘fake’ people. Miracle seemed to have a soft spot for Tobi because of having been saved. He pointed out that Teddy A behaved as if he was top crop and constantly delivered side punches directed at Tobi. On the other hand, Tobi revealed that the other Housemates basically never looked at him as an individual, he’s always associated to Cee-C while to some degree, Cee-C is blamed for Cebi’s pending downfall. However, This coziness and constant nods of agreement seemed to be driving the two pairs Cebi (Cee-C, Tobi) and Mina (Miracle, Nina) to an alliance.

Not Leader Yet

Prior to the HoH Challenge, Bamteddy (Bambam, Teddy A) were rather confident about their strategy. Bambam mentioned that everyone assumed she’d win and ‘when’ that happens, they’d bring their enemies into their compound by biting and blowing, maybe the blowing first. The conversation was now inverse. They spoke about Cebi; how they were stripped of their former glory and suddenly started acting nice.There was clear evidence of dislike for the pair and armed in ‘power couple’, they suppose they can garnish the poison and have Cebi begging to have some of it. But as fate would have it, the train went off the rails and shot to a different direction.

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Biggie Nominates Everyone

Tonight saw the second Nomination show on Big Brother Naija and it was definitely one to remember. As we all watched with bated breath, each pair representative walked into the Diary Room and spoke their truth.

This is Biggie’s House

As the Housemates gathered in the living room, looking tense and rather glum after they had put in their Nominations, Biggie’s voice boomed through the House and they awaited their unknown fate. That is when, in true Big Brother style, he threw another spanner in the works and told the Housemates that none of their Nominations mattered anyway. Due to their bad manners and disregard for Big Brother’s House rules, they would all be up for Nomination. All but Queen Khloe and her partner K.Brule , as HoH, Khloe was allowed to save one pair, she chose LeoLex and we all know why.

All the Feels

There was an array of emotions exhibited during the Nominations, from Nina and Alex looking as though they were about to cry to Vandora practically smiling. Everyone used a different mask for their stress. However, even though the Housemates’ Nominations landed up being null and void, that didn’t mean the outcome was any less interesting. Turns out Mina, Loto and Cebi were the most Nominated pairs. In a weird move BamTeddy did not end up voting for Cebi, even though it was obvious that the two Alpha males in the pairs see each other as a threat. The fact that LexLeo Voted for Mina also came as a surprise because Alex and Nina have become close recently – That could be the explanation for Alex’s river of emotion.

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Going Forward

Now that eight of the pairs are up for Nomination, there is sure to be a change in the Housemates’ behavior. Survival mode has been activated and this always tends out to bring out the most extreme aspects of human characteristics.
Eat it Or Wear It

The Nominations surprise left everyone reeling but Biggie just used that energy as a springboard for the first part of the Housemates’ Task.

Food Lovers

It’s no secret that the Housemates all love food, they love eating it, talking about it and complaining when they don’t have it. Today Biggie used their love of food and reversed it, providing them with bizarre and rather disgusting food that they either had to eat or “wear”.


The Task was the perfect canvas for crazy expressions and the Housemates gave it to us full force. Alex started screaming as the lid was taken off her bowl and chicken feet and heads stared back at her. She looked as though she was about to cry and was visibly having a low key panic attack. She then proceeded to gag and almost vomit until her partner for the Task, Lolu, literally forced her mouth shut and made her swallow it. The need for a win in the House was evident by all the Housemate’s persistence. Rico Swavey and K.Brule also gave a little performance as they gagged and K.Brule looked as though his world had just ended.


A sweet, small victory for the Housemates came in the form of, you guessed it, food. Straight after the Task, Biggie gave them all their supplies as well as some cigarettes and this definitely lightened the mood. Even though there was a bit of a clash between Khloe and Princess, everyone seemed to just brush it off and chill. It’s going to be an intense week in the House so at least they are all stocked up. Dee-One and Leo began to make everyone laugh while they puffed away the stress of the passing day.

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